The Edwin van der Sar Foundation provides a range of services that help people with brain injury to build up their new life again. Our projects focus on three fundaments: participation, rehabilitation and prevention.


Every year, the Edwin van der Sar Foundation brings together a group of young professionals (between the age of 18 and 30) who all suffer brain injury. They all have an unrivaled drive and they are ambitious, but due to their injury their future perspective now looks different than originally thought. We offer them a unique coaching trajectory in which we combine intensive guidance from a professional job coach, study supervisor and sports trainer, with various attractive internships and meetings. The ultimate goal is to find a suitable job for our participants. 

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Exercise is beneficial for many people, including for someone who has suffered a (traumatic) brain injury. It can be helpful in many ways; to improve strength, energy level and emotional regulation. People with brain injury who continue to exercise report less depression, increased community integration and improved perception of physical abilities. Studies also show that regular exercise can positively influence cognition. The Edwin van der Sar Foundation stimulates people with brain injury to exercise and we offer special programmes to facilitate sporting. 

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Preventing injuries is the best option for keeping yourself healthy. We see it as our task to provide information about how to keep your body and brain healthy and fit. We provide this information through our free public readings by scientists and experts in theaters across the Netherlands and through free online webinars. Another prevention project of the Edwin van der Sar Foundation concerns a traffic education program for children, in which they learn and improve their knowledge, insight, skills and attitudes that are necessary for safe traffic participation. For the youngest children the Foundation hands out a free helmet that they can wear when they cycle to school.