Exercise is beneficial for many people, including for someone who has suffered a (traumatic) brain injury. It can be helpful in many ways; to improve strength, energy level and emotional regulation. People with brain injury who continue to exercise report less depression, increased community integration and improved perception of physical abilities. Studies also show that regular exercise can positively influence cognition. 

The challenge is to offer an efficient and safe sport programme, since people with brain injury may have difficulty exercising as they did prior to their injury. Physical limitations impact the kinds of exercises they can do and types of exercise machines that they can use safely. In addition many persons have difficulty with their thinking skills (cognition) after a brain injury, so they might need professional support while exercising. 

The Edwin van der Sar Foundation stimulates people with a brain injury to exercise and we offer special programmes to facilitate sporting. Our two most important programmes are: 

> Brain Injury Swimming 
> Meet me @ the Gym 

In both programmes we offer professional instructors who are trained to work with people with brain injury; a personal approach and a (sport) environment with less incentives (such as music, light).